About Our company

2D Barcode Solutions develops, manufactures and markets special die cut parts, industrial labels, thermal transfer ribbons, insulation foils, foams, gaskets and different types of advanced thin supported and non supported materials.

Having many years of experience in the thermal transfer and silk screen technology, we do our best in order to become the favorite supplier for die-cut parts and identification products, specialized in precision die-cutting and high performance printing.

Through continued research and development, new product introduction and innovative solutions, we provide high quality, cost effective products and state of the art customer service.

We provide you, dear customer, a consistent solution which will perform in the most difficult environments.


We use the most advanced machinery and state of the art materials which enables us to manufacture high quality labels and pressure sensitive die cut parts for high-tech, electronic, automotive industries at most rigorous and difficult conditions. Our quality standards are at highest level, as we meet ISO 9001 and TS 16949.

Our Mission

The mission of 2D is to attend to the die cut and label needs of the market, providing high class services and state of the art products to our clients, while providing our shareholders an increasing profitability and our employees the possibility of developing their professional abilities.